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Since our late teenage years or early adolescence, we have been hearing about the “benefits” of exercising and being fit. However, what everyone fails to mention is the amount of effort that needs to be put in to be fit. This is what my case is currently.

In my school days, I was enrolled in various sports and it was safe to say that I did have an active teenage life. For as much as I can remember, my middle and high school days are nothing without sports. But all that changed when I got into college. I decided to not part take in any college sports teams instead to go to the gym to maintain my fitness. Oh, how difficult it turned out to be in reality. I soon got bored with the gym and would have periods of discontinuation.

Finally, in April 2019 after 3 years of struggling, I thought of looking outside the gym for exercise. Moreover, I also thought of making exercise fun and not just a plain boring routine that needs to be ticked from my to-do list.

In this article, I am sharing with you all the fun stuff I do to keep myself fit. After you have read this article, you will have a beginning point as to what changes you can make to enjoy your workout, or if you are looking to get fit without getting a membership of that intimidating gym near you then this article is definitely for you. Literally, anyone can do these activities and you can have fun while doing it.

  1. Play Any Sport

I know I know, I said that I quit sports when I started college but unfortunately, I had to learn it the hard way that playing sports really does help you with your daily exercise. Literally, you can play any sport that requires physical movement. I join my college’s football team during their practices this gets my blood flowing, my body moving and most importantly I am having fun because there is no pressure on me to play in a certain way so that my team will win in the play-offs. Additionally, I sometimes, go to play badminton with my friends or table tennis.

If you are someone who is not in college or your college doesn’t have any sports team, you can either join a club or you can take your friends with you and you can play sports together. You can also go for individual sports like swimming, athletics, cycling, boxing, etc.

This has always been a relaxing sanctuary especially when I have my mid-terms and finals.

2. Trekking /Hiking

Although this activity cannot be done every day unless you live in the mountains, I have found this to be a great way to be fit. I make sure that I go on at least 4-5 treks in a month. I usually go on weekends, since there is less work to do. Not only does this activity helps you understand how fit you are but you get the chance to be in nature and breathe fresh air. I have also found some kind of peace with the whole process.

Nature has also provided us with mountains or place to hike on depending upon our ability. If you think you are not fit at all, then start with an easy hike. Below are some tools which you will find useful for trekking or hiking:

  • Meetup: This is a great platform for you to find people/community with similar interest.
  • MAPMYHIKE GPS HIKING: This is a great community-based hiking app. You can also keep track of your hikes.
  • AllTrails: They have an app as well as a website. You can find nearby hikes and it is very easy to operate.

3. Resistance Bands

I discovered this marvelous product in June. I knew about this but I bought it for the first time in June and let me tell you my life is completely changed. When I want to get a quick workout done, I get these bands out. When I am feeling lazy and unmotivated, I pull these babies out. Want to have an intense session without having to do cardio? Pull. These. Babies. Out.

As you might have guessed by now, I am obsessed with resistance bands and the versatility of it amazes me. They are so effective that even after I have worked out for 15 mins, my body starts hurting. In the beginning, I looked it up on YouTube how to use resistance bands and after a while, I got hang of it. There are so many videos on the resistance band and there are so many different kinds of them, that your workout can be done at home without leaving your comfort zone. Moreover, when I am travelling I carry them with me so that I don’t miss out on my daily exercise.

You can find the resistance band on Amazon easily. The best part is they are not expensive so there really is no excuse for you to not buy it. Using them is also not an issue because you have Google at your service. Just google “How to use resistance band” and you will get results showing you how to work your way around it.

4. Dancing

First and foremost let me get this out of the way that I cannot dance. Sure I can move my hips from here and there but that’s it. I cannot dance to save my life. I am saying this with dead seriousness and with many reality checks. Trust me there was a time when I thought that I could dance and I have made a complete fool of myself. With that aside, I still dance. Do you know why? Because I dealt with my inability to dance and accepted that it is just a form of sports. I dance because it just makes me laugh at my awkwardness and I still enjoy it.

I put on some music and just let move my body, even for the most part of it is moving my hips. PopSugar Fitness has amazing dance videos and they always leave me sweating after it is over. Whenever I do these dance routines I lock my room and just let myself go. I fear too much that I will embarrass myself in public or in front of friends, so I keep this to myself. I am yet to reach that point of overcoming that fear but one day at a time, right?


If there is one thing I have learned with all my trials and failure, it that I know what is best for me and my body. Sometimes exercise doesn’t only mean physical capability but also your mind. How one’s feeling on a particular day also affects the session, no matter how well designed the session was. Hence, once in a while or often I just play some upbeat music and start doing exercises. As time goes by, I decide the moves. Many a time it has happened that I have pushed myself the hardest during these sessions as compared to a well-planned session.

Once you get hang of most of the exercises there are, you start to modify them. For example, I combine burpees with a resistance band to make it more exciting or I start by jumping rope and then immediately do some abs. Similarly, you can also do this, not only the days you are feeling pumped but also on the days you wanna take it easy.

I hope that you have found these ideas helpful and use it in your life to make fitness less boring. The best part about them is that they all are so inexpensive and yet you can have so much fun doing it.

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